Radiological dating of fractures 20 year old girl dating 42 yr old man

.) A, AP portable supine radiograph obtained at the time of resuscitation shows fractures of the right sixth-to-ninth ribs without frank callus formation (arrows).

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Non-accidental injuries (NAI) represent both ethical and legal challenges to treating physicians.

Radiologists are often the first to suspect NAI when confronted with particular injury patterns, and a knowledge of these is essential if the opportunity to save a child from future neglect is not to be missed.

These stages are visible as such, and can be identified on skeletal radiographs (Fig.

The major forms of child abuse are neglect and physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

For Good Practice Recommendations please see the Child Protection Companion on PCO UK.

Disclaimer: This is a summary of the systematic review findings up to the date of our most recent literature search.

The systematic review evaluates the scientific literature on fractures published up until February 2017.

It aims to answer the following clinical questions: Fractures are a common manifestation of abuse and are essential to identify if present.

CONCLUSION: Radiologic dating of fractures is an inexact science.

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