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If I wanted harmony in our kitchen and relationship, I needed to be tactful — and take baby steps so we could meet in the middle. Plus, there was one upside to having such different approaches to food: I was able to see how accommodating and nonjudgmental Dave was.Peanut butter cookies are Dave’s kryptonite, so I stealthily made him a vegan version. He never rolled his eyes about the many meat substitutes I served him, or made me feel like a crunchy weirdo.

She is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for two new book projects THEESatisfaction is a hip hop/R&B duo composed of rapper Stasia “Stas” Irons and Catherine “Cat” Harris-White.

Based in Seattle, the duo is known for “funk-psychedelic feminist sci-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul, frosted with icy raps that evoke equal parts Elaine Brow, Ursula Rucks, and Q-Tip.”THEESatisfaction regularly hosts epic Black Weirdo parties that serve as dance parties for the black queer community and allies.

" he asked, pronouncing it like "Satan") or what being vegan actually meant.

But unlike other dates, Dave didn’t make me defend my diet choices — or point to his incisors and growl, "What do you think these are for?

Sure, it might be easier if we both shared the same diet, but I’ve realised that I don’t want him to radically change what’s been working for him, and I want him to continue to enjoy the foods he grew up loving.

Dave will probably never be a vegan or vegetarian, but I’m proud of the small changes he’s made, and I respect his choice to eat meat. Harper’s name will forever be marked in the historical legacy of intersectional activism.Harper has a brilliant way of demonstrating how food politics, racism, sexism, ability, and sexual politics intersect." Instead, he made me feel at ease, even though he was out of comfort zone.So I had no problem opening up to him as we continued dating.In an interview with “Queer and trans woman are doing amazing and groundbreaking work in the world of art.

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