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“Needless to say, Jeanette was not very happy about their relationship,” said the source.“And she let Latifah know about it in no uncertain terms.” Jeanette and Latifah are remaining cordial in the wake of their recent breakup, say sources: “Their relationship had been rocky for a while, and during one of their ‘breaks’ Latifah spent time with Eboni…

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still, it was hard for her to end her relationship with Jeanette.” , print edition] It sounds like Latifah was stepping out whenever she and Jeanette were having problems, but I’ll also buy that Latifah and Jeanette were having problems beyond “another woman”. Still, if this is even partially true, I feel like Latifah mistreated Jeanette to a certain extent. Here’s a recent photo of Jeanette from a few weeks ago…

The talented musical group made up of umpteen members who sing, rap, dance, produce--notably Frank Ocean and Tyler The Creator--has gotten into plenty of trouble for saying whatever they want.

Mother’s Day is always a very affectionate holiday.

Whether your mother is living or not, just the thought of a mother can be pretty emotional.

Here’s more from the After an eight-year relationship, Queen Latifah has split with her lover and is stepping out with her choreographer, say sources.

Eboni Nichols is dancing her way into Queen Latifah’s life on the heels of Latifah’s breakup with longtime galpal Jeanette Jenkins.

But really, the entire pyrotechnic pageant was a celebration of hip-hop and R&B nobility, with performances so smashing and so grand that it was hard to remember if they’d given out any awards by the time it was over.

They did, of course, and here’s how they shook down: Alicia Keys, who hopped up onto her piano and crawled across it while four months pregnant (somehow managing to remain crazy sexy), took home the Best Female R&B Artist award and Best Collaboration with Jay-Z for “Empire State of Mind.”Nicki Minaj, who went through more costume changes than Queen Latifah, won Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.

On the lack of out-of-the-closet gay urban artists: Syd: "There's Alicia Keys, who's married to Swizz Beats - we know that shit ain't real. Missy Elliott saying she don't wanna hang with bitches.

You know she loves her some bitches." On coming out via The Internet's "Cocaine" video: Syd: "I decided to do it because I wish I had someone like that [an openly gay female artist] while I was coming up.

Patti La Belle kicked off her mothereffin’ shoes during her cover of “Purple Rain.”Queen Latifah re-costumed herself as several of her former characters, including Cleo from Set It Off, causing Twitter to go nuts and call it her Coming Out Party.

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