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Many of these couples maintain separate residences. These are the ones we dont hear so much about, yet in the early 90s about as many cohabitees broke up as went on to marry.

Data from the British Household Panel Survey (which has followed a sample of 10,000 adults annually since 1991) predicts that out of every 20 cohabiting couples, 11 will marry, 8 will separate, and 1 will remain intact after 10 years.

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According to this thesis when an unmarried couple conceived in the 60s, they generally married.

In the early 70s, when an unmarried couple conceived they generally either married or had an abortion.

A startling discovery was made in the early 90s which has enormous consequences for family formation well into the third millennium.

Jane Lewis and Kathleen Kiernan postulated two major changes in Britain with regard to reproductive behaviour in the previous 30 years.

Being non-nuptial it excludes itself from marriage.

What then do we know about living together as a prolegomenon to theological work?

Cohabitation is therefore inextricably linked both to the decline of marriage and the increase in childbearing outside it.

They avoid it for different reasons, perhaps from a scrupulous boycott of a failing patriarchal institution, or because of dating behaviour described as sex without strings, relationships without rings.

The re-visioning of the entry into marriage I propose depends on the recovery of the practice of betrothal both in the Bible and in Eastern and Western churches (section 3).

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