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It's all that I would have like to live when I was too young.

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The fragrance has a lingering trace that follows the woman and surrounds her from all sides.

The perfume was created by Michel Almairac in 1999. I followed Fruit Diet's instructions and sprayed myself 8 to 10 times with Rush.

The opening is very syrupy-sweet and an intended "chemical accord" slaps you in the face.

It does very LIGHTLY resemble the scent of poppers. Unforgettable 90´s perfume gem, a sign of that times. Rush is a LOUD & ULTIMATE PEACH /yes, I know, dirty patchouli & waxy flowers included - but that peach rules/, terrible & amazing at once, alluring & annoying at once, carefree with funky vibes. Fragrance -Gucci Rush Gucci Bottle from - 2015 This fragrance reminds me of a bit wild and passionate woman looking for some fun after the sun goes down.

As time goes by,a bit warm vanilla starts to emerge, softening the harshness of the bitter patchouli.

The drydown is all about patchouli,vanilla and musk with a hint of vetiver,and the fruity-floral notes recede into the background.

I was used to, like most of us, to the pretty glass elegant bottles, this was not.

This red rectangle was bold, unique, different, original, fearless, strong, opinionated, rebellious, daring and so was the juice inside.

Nevertheless this will always be my in my collection. The silage is moderate and the longevity is about four to five hours on me I like to spray it on my clothes rather than my skin. "We`ve come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good, I have to celebrate you, baby, I have to praise you like I should".

I`ve already written a short review in the past but it didn`t feel right, this longtime companion deserves more than 3 sentences, it deserves a poem, a song, a requiem.

It said:"I don`t conform, I stand out from the crowd".

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