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The box would include a code to download the boob data, otherwise their bits would be covered up (you could also buy a code if you got the game used).

That makes Saboteur the only example of downloadable nudity we can think of.

BMX XXX (Game Cube/Xbox/PS2, 2002): Topless girls riding BMX bikes -- that's what you get in BMX XXX.

It was also possible to unlock videos of real-world strippers.

You may have noticed that this list is, if you'll forgive a bad pun, top heavy with games from the past year or so.

There definitely seems to be an explosion of nudity in videogames recently.

The Guy Game (Xbox/PS2, 2004): Finally -- a videogame for guys!

This was a trivia game show where questions are posed to young bikini ladies on spring break, and if they get the answer wrong they have to flash the player.

Developer Quantic Dream also included some nudity in its previous game, Indigo Prophecy, although it was removed for the North American version.

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