Pretty girl dating ugly guy

Lead researcher Dr Rob Brooks said: 'Ugly individuals can sometimes do better than good-looking ones.' His conclusion is based on animal studies.These showed that some prefer mates which the majority find unattractive, rather than always chasing the best-looking members of the opposite sex.

But Dr Brooks' research now suggests animals do not have one ideal of attractiveness.

He said: 'People say, "I don't like what my mate down the pub likes".

'If everyone is going after the most common characteristics, then someone who targets the rare ones, would have an advantage.' Dr Brooks, based at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, said the phenomenon could be related to special proteins called MHC molecules, which are part of the immune system.

The more diverse a selection of MHCs you inherit from your parents, the better equipped you are to fight off disease. Not only can women detect that difference, but they also tend to prefer the smell of men whose MHCs complement their own.

So I would love to be with someone who's responsible, smart, cool and knows his directions So yup, who knows. SMy definition of ugly and poor is different than yours but I tried to answer it to your benefit so I used ugly as not pleasant looking w.r.t.

And there is another reason as to why a beautiful woman would marry an 'ugly', 'poor' guy, i-e; LOVE!

When a guy says a girl is ugly does he always mean it? Why in BW/WM relationships do the white guy usually look better than the girl and in BM/WW its the opposite the black guys look better?

Guys, Why do you find the white girl prettier and more attractive than the black girl?

Money is interesting to me because it's a measure of success, success is a measure of harkwork.

Hardwork is a measure of determination, ambition and sexiness.

Previous studies of animals such as birds and fish had found that members of the same species tended to find the same things attractive.

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