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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

What you do know is that he's not taking much time to try to see you, in fact no time at all, he just texts you back mostly and he's either really really really busy or he's not all that interested.

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This serial dating one person at a time is much more new fashion, I do not know why so many people think Granny only was ever with Gramps, it was not the way, way back then.

Even women who were engaged to someone who wasn't available to take her places, she was expected to be escorted to outings and dances, etc., by local men so that she was not sitting on a shelf waiting till she turned to dust. Are you his type, hard to tell, he didn't answer that question, but he did tell you he's busy and he's not going to have time for you anytime soon.

Officers began an investigation amid complaints about antisocial behaviour in Stirling city centre and claim they found some of the 'beggars' own £500 i Phones.

The number of people begging in the city centre increased during the run-up to Christmas with people asking shoppers for money in the main shopping areas of Murray Place, Port Street and Upper Craigs.

I too lead a hectic business life seven days a week, but I can assure you, if I find the right person I will make the time as I would hate to miss the opportunity of meeting Ms Right. If a mans into you, Theres no question So the fact that you're questioning it means he's not.

Theres no way a guys into you but disappears for 3 weeks and doesn't expect a second 1 to randomfish123, also a likely explanation. As someone who works a lot of hours, he probably is interested at least he was honest about it up front. He obviously has time to date or else he wouldn't be on a dating sight. If things don't work out for him, you may hear from him again.

A police report, compiled by one of the area's community officers, was presented to members of the local community council and said: 'We continue to have persons begging and appearing to be homeless.'I can confirm that no person begging in the city is homeless.

They have a home provided to them by the council.'The persons who are begging are, in fact, making hundreds of pounds a week and are spending this on drugs and alcohol.

He has very crazy work hours (some type of consulting firm) and he is also a couch/president of a sports club. But if he is seeing other people and I am not his type, I want to know. These first meeting should really be no longer than one hour. I understand where the man is coming from as far as being busy.

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