Pot smoker dating site this is our time dating service

I just started seeing this guy in his late twenties who I met on a dating site.We get along really well, have incredible chemistry and best of all, he’s doing all the pursuing.

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If you light up at least a couple times a week, you should join for free to see if this is the site for you.

Smoking Passions Smoking Passions is a 100% FREE dating & social networking site for smokers looking to meet other smokers.

On one hand, it hasn’t really been long enough to expect a guy to give up what’s clearly a major part of his lifestyle for you.

On the other, a couple of months is still a couple of months of your life, and before you invest more time in him, you should know if he’s willing to invest in you.

I’ve gently mentioned that I’m not super into it (though I am known to indulge every once in a while), but he hasn’t drastically reduced his consumption like I was hoping he would. Or, since it’s only been a couple months, should I ditch him altogether? Andy insisted that the issue lies not in whether or not your man is a heavy pot smoker, but rather in the type of pot smoker he is. Does he lead a fairly active social life, and overall, is he highly functional?

(Apparently Steve Jobs was quite the stoner.) Or, conversely, does he sit on the sofa all day, playing video games?

I understand wanting space and, at those times, it feels like a massive effort to slap on a smile.

However, assuming you’re not living under the same roof as your future in-laws and you only see them sporadically, this is one of those just-suck-it-up circumstances.

While that goes without saying, there are different ways to meet, even online.

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