consolidating credit card debt into your mortgage - Postdating check illegal ny

A waiter may choose to share tips with a bus boy or similar employee.When tips are given by customers via credit card, the employer must pay the employee the amount due no later than the next regularly scheduled pay day.However, the bank did not honor the check, so at least you are spared overdrafts resulting from the check being cashed.

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Now, I learn that he immediately tried to cash the check and it was refused by the bank! But, in general, it is not a crime to post-date a check.

This article discusses general laws about checks, post-dating, and the parties’ rights.

Personal checks (and other “negotiable instruments”) are covered by provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”), a set of model laws first developed in 1952 by some of the top legal scholars in the U. The drafters of the UCC intended to create a single body of regulation to uniformly cover commercial transactions, particularly interstate transactions.

This goal addressed the concern that having 50 different sets of state laws governing such transactions would cause confusion, conflict, and delay in interstate commerce.

On or before each Thursday, railroad employees must receive the wages earned up to the Tuesday of the week before.

Commission salespeople must receive wages, salary, drawing account, or commissions at such times as provided in the employment agreement, but they must be paid at least once a month and not later than the last day of the month following the month in which the money is earned.

Fraud of any type requires a misrepresentation that the victim relied upon.

You did not misrepresent anything, because you truthfully told the tech support contractor that funds were not immediately available but would be on the date that you post-dated the check.

He did not rely on any misrepresentation, but rather disregarded a truthful representation. Incidentally, the tech support contractor’s conduct may be edging into extortion.

That is, he may be trying to squeeze more money out of you through a threat of criminal prosecution.

The employer may subtract from the employee's tips the pro-rated share of the charge levied by the credit card company.

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