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Shackled wrote: "Maybe suspend her over the "Seat of Death" and slowly lower her down, Only ever did this once as it's very dangerous." No need to lower her slowly.

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To see a heavy plume of smoke escaping from between a woman's legs and realize it's her pussy that's burning is a huge turn on." So since I've been talking so much about Balthazar and Quoom, here's some other (though a bit less invasive) variations on the theme, this one from Balthazar...

Or, last but certainly not least, a contribution from Quoom (linked above), who I hope doesn't mind if I post one of his pictures, he has said in the past here that showing one or two is no problem.

The problem with Christian isn't that he's into S/M.

He's (and this part is fairly realistic, even if it's appended onto someone else's character) unable to be touched by, won't sleep with or live with a woman, doesn't go out on dates, must have total control (and distance).

The Quoom picture comes from his outstanding, and very long, story Inquisition Hell.

The young lady here surely seems to be (understandably) pretty terrified at what's going to happen. Might be the best scene I've seen so far this year.See, the girl, is a cute senior in English Lit in Vancouver with a couple doofuses after her but apparently without much history of boyfriends and still a virgin at 22 (uh-huh) though not apparently for any reason having to do with chastity. And her mother is on her 4th marriage, and can't come to the kid's graduation because her golfer hubby has a cold or something. So lovey-dovey, and mom and hubby4 are playful and affectionate and form a wonderful alternative to the "sick" relationship she's in. ) is 27, and his first four years were spent with a crack-whore mom (you can hear the women going "Awwww, poor thing") who apparently at least burned him.But then (lucky guy) he was adopted by a well-to-do couple (happens all the time), spends several years as the submissive in a relationship with his own "Mrs. And then he goes on to become a billionaire in something having to do with telecom."--looks like it was done by an interior decorator--which of course makes it more acceptable to the chicks).The scene isn't terrible in terms of erotic bondage, but it's VERY tame and all about how much she's digging it. For Shackled: I would first put her feet to the fire, to male them a bit more sensitive, then apply the bastinado to secure her confession.Then (spoiler alert for those of you who I know are considering watching the flick after reading this) he suffers some unknown frustration in his business and, instead of pounding out Rachmaninoff on the piano, takes her into the chamber (she tells him, "show me what the worst would be") and whacks her 6 times on the ass while bent over a table, making her count the strokes. She walks out, never (we hope against hope) to return. Then a ride on the horse to contemplate her fate, followed by a stretch on the rack to secure the names of her accomplices.

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