Poems on dating abuse

Nothing will change Nothing will be good Nothing will happen until you are gone.

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I look at the date of the post - 11/15/07 - and realize how far my life has come.

I wrote it from personal experiences, and those that you hear about often from others.

You fear the reactions of family and friends Will they take your side or then befriend him. You hesitate a little and wonder what is right That hesitation now starts a new kind of fight.

They will think you the wimp Will you lose their respect For trying to keep peace for so long Or for finally stopping to fight back. Always Remember when the new this assault on your back: You can’t force closeness to the one you have lost You can’t pressure trust when we never know how you will respond.

There was never any discussion, remorse, repentance. Act like nothing happened, and lets just go to bed. The fact it angered him was enough for them to feel it needs to be left alone.

People too often try to combine trust and forgiveness.

That is just one example of course - you I'm sure can think of others. Yes, change can happen when two people are committed and willing to do the work. The one line in the poem, 'You can’t intimidate into intimacy with someone you love' was mentioned to me at the time. So often you see that happen - be it in churches, or marriages.

Its hard for both parties, but honestly at times I think it is harder for the abusive party. You don't have intimacy with intimidation, fear, guilt, manipulation.

You can’t intimidate into intimacy with someone you love You can’t have it both ways and think you have won.

After years of belittling and verbal attacks You find it hard to get your self esteem back. Until you have realized that you really need to flee.

You wait for the crowning moment nice and relaxed, You really need to speak to him and you can’t hold back. It’s all your fault and he makes that perfectly clear.

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