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NPCs ask for two scoops of ice cream, each consisting of one of the three flavors, and sometimes orders a topping for it.

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When a shelf is restocked, a timer will start ticking and when the timer runs out, the shelves deplete themselves.

As a Janitor for Green Clean, the player automatically will automatically be given a broomstick.

Once your card is linked, pay for your purchase at Dunkin' Donuts with your linked credit card 3.

You'll get 100% cash back on your first purchase and 10% cash back on future purchases. You'll be emailed right away about how much you saved, and your cash back rewards will be credited to your credit card statement within a few days.

Upon completing a certain number of tasks, you will get promoted and start earning more money per task (If you buy the Excellent Employee gamepass, your earnings will be doubled and you'll get promoted more).

In order to recieve the money, the player has to end their shift, after which they will receive their paycheck. The customers will line up in a straight line and tell the cashier what they would like to order.

If a shelf is low on items, the player will restock with a crate from the back of the store.

If a shelf is full, you will not be able to restock it until it is near-empty.

When you cast the fishing rod into the water, after a few minutes it should start to sink into the water.

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