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It's a full-blown Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool specifically built to manage and automate this kind of work.

You can also use bulk insert mechanisms within T-SQL, bcp, BULK INSERT and OPENROWSET all support the ability to export data from one database and import it into another.

works fine when I try to update all the records in tbl A, however, in this case I only have missing data which I have identified and populated in tbl B.

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Consequently, to prevent this, you might do this: One potential issue may arise when the subquery actually finds more than one matching row in tbl B.

If this happens, the UPDATE will terminate with an error ("subquery may return only one row").

Last, there are tons of 3rd party tools that support this.

Take a look at Redgate Software's SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare.

The first table, violation_codes, has a section_number and fine, among other columns, but these two are the focus of the problem.

The second table, bond, has an orc and fine, among other columns as well.It's just using the T-SQL mechanisms behind the scenes.If you need to do this regularly, best to learn the T-SQL. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.That information, along with your comments, will be governed by DISQUS’ privacy policy.update violation_codes vc set = ( select from bond b where = vc.section_number ) where vc.section_number in ( select orc from bond ); I had attempted such an update statement before I posted the question. ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row.

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