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They tend to go with their emotions and instincts rather than their rational and intellect. However, they get so into other people's problems, they often lose strength they need themselves.

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The Omega Angel Card, A Key Ring and Harsh Truths will have a negative influence on Pisces today.

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They may, if hurt enough times, begin to distrust others.

Because they often live in a dream world, they may be impractical and lazy.

Pisces is a Water Sign, and the kind of water most associated with this sign is the Ocean.

Start describing the ocean and you’re getting closer to describing Pisces.

Much of their energy is spent on their inner spiritual journey.

Pisces are truly old souls who may have so much experience because they have lived past lives.

Being so empathetic, it is often hard for a Pisces to turn down someone they think is in need of their help.

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