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Has no message archiving facilities so easy to loose track of girls messages. Better for smaller cities as you can search by city within a Province.

More "good" girls that may be free or require a second date.

Are many of you guys in relationships who live in Phils, and actually manage to monger on the side?

It was easy as a single guy, hard if in a relationship methinks. Apologies if you received my message multiple times LOL.

A mutual friend here suggested we catch up while I was in town.

Unfortunately I'm going to run out of time this trip but it would be good to share a beer next time.

They certainly do not regard any mongers plans as cast in concrete and if some guy texts that he is in town the morning before you planned to meet she will take the known deal every time.

I've tried the plan ahead route and, for me, it didn't work.But that's exactly what happens over and over again.Sometimes it's just that they really are busy, but most of the time when they say they had to "go back to province" it usually means they're currently shacked up with another guy.Being straight with the girl also makes second meetings so much easier to organise. I always think it must be a real shock and incredibly frustrating for those guys who spend a lot of time and effort (and money) travelling to Manila from faraway places, only to find the girls they've been voraciously chatting to suddenly dry up / disappear.The average monger would be forgiven for thinking "Fuck, I've travelled 8,000 miles and spent 00 to get here, and this girl can't be bothered to travel 3 km to meet me as we've been discussing and dreaming about for the last 6 months".When I remarked positively about their height each one of them said that they are really 5 ft 2 or 5 ft 3 etc but they heard that foreigners go for tall girls so they made themselves taller. Apologies if you received my message multiple times LOL.

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