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If you are just upgrading to a newer version of Winamp 5.x then you can just install straight on top of the previous version of Winamp 2.x or 5.x (but not Winamp3), thus keeping all your current settings etc.

this part is optional, so you can skip straight to part 2 if you don't want to backup anything (playlists, media library, bookmarks, skins, plugins, presets, etc). EQF files * The remote cddb database = Plugins\Gracenote\* The local cddb database = Plugins\& (pre 5.31: Plugins\in_| 5.31-5.35: cdinfo.db3) * The Playlist Generator database: Plugins\Gracenote\& * The skins in the Skins dir (or files) Don't backup the Plugins dir, not unless you know for sure there's one or more rare / hard to find plugins or avs presets in there.

Save (mainly applicable to people who use one single large playlist all the time). ii) Close Winamp iii) Navigate to the Winamp settings folder via 'My Computer' Usually %App Data%\Winamp (for multi-user setups / more info) Or: C:\Program Files\Winamp (for old 'shared' setups on upgrades) Here is the list of files that some people might want to backup: * The bookmark list = * Any saved EQ presets = winamp. In which case, just backup the plugins & presets of your choice, not the whole folder.

It is strongly recommended to start fresh with clean settings.

You can always change settings back to taste after Winamp 5 is up and running.

Naturally, you should still have copies of the setup files for any 3rd-party plugins you've downloaded, so you can always use these to reinstall 3rd-party plugins later.

Winamp 2.9x and 5.x users will also lose all Library data by using the uninstall procedure outlined below.Why not to use WMA/mp3pro Basically, MP3Pro is now widely known to be a dead format.It has already been replaced by the newer aac Plus technology, which is already supported by in_mp3in the default Winamp 5.x distro. Winamp 5.x Component List (full list/details of Winamp installation options) Before you ask for help make sure you delete gen_from the winamp\plugins directory.-Does not read/support ID3v2 or Lyrics3 tags (reads ID3v1 tags only). Information required when posting (ignore this at the risk of being ignored) 2. Problems caused by using 3rd-party MP3Pro plugin 6. threadid=85938 Start THOMSON mp3PRO Decoder Plug-in for Winamp The buggy 3rd-party MP3Pro plugin (in_mp3pro.dll) by Thomson/mp3prozone is known to cause the following problems: -Does not parse metadata to the media library; therefore artist, album, track#, title info is not read/displayed when importing mp3's.

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