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The best travel shorts have pockets with zippers and/or velcro keeping them shut. How many expatriates live and work in Manila making loads, and go out hitting the piss in Malate/Makati every other weekend... remember that every Philippino is only after one thing, a visa out of their country and money.Often boardies are good like that, zippered pockets to keep stuff in while you surf... do you honestly think any of them are wearing money belts? That said, spend the week her as much as you can, WEAR a condom! ) if she's crap when you arrive take off and stay around Makati and go to the bars on P Burgos Street.

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I'll be going by myself and I was hoping you guys had some tips about a travelling there by yourself for the first time. I spent 6 weeks there, on my own, cruisng around Comembo (east Makati), and Makati proper. (remember that filipino families are often big though).

I'll be staying in the Pasig region, as I have a 'friend' who lives nearby. I never once felt threatend except for once when I was in back alleys on my own and suddenly no one was around except some dodgy looking kids staring at me. (they did for the first time, and after a while, they knew I knew the place and ignored me) Do no hang out in rizal parade or whatever its called, (they call everything Rizal) burgos street is better (matrix bar, has good pool tables and a mix of tourists) Dont go to their zoo's unless you wanna be shocked at how asians treat animals. Manila taxis are a tough bunch combined with traffic and you'll be shelling a lot of dough.

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