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There Will Be Blood has been named by several critics as the best film of the 2000s.The film was a thirty-minute mockumentary shot on video called The Dirk Diggler Story (1988), about a pornography star; the story was inspired by John Holmes, who also served as a major inspiration for Boogie Nights.

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Anderson, is a notable film director, and the husband of comedian and actress Maya Rudolph.

His father, Ernie Anderson, was a voice actor, and encouraged him to take a shot at writing and directing.

(Anderson is now happily married to actress Maya Rudolph.) The duo's previous collaborations include “Paper Bag,” “Limp,” and “Fast as You Can,” as well as her cover of "Across the Universe." Apple has also worked with director Mark Romanek () on the video for her 1996 hit "Criminal." Released last June, The Idler Wheel…

Anderson comes from an artistic family and has written and directed several cult films, for which he has received many awards. Born in Studio City, California, Anderson developed his passion for film at a young age.

His eighth film, Junun, is a documentary about the making of an album of the same name.

Anderson's ninth film, Phantom Thread, is set in London. Anderson has been nominated for eight Academy Awards over the course of his career, while his works have earned a further 25 Academy Award nominations and three wins for cast and crew.Paul Thomas Anderson is currently dating Maya Rudolph. is returning to music videos after more than a decade, joining forces once again with alternative music icon Fiona Apple."Hot Knife" is Anderson's first music video in 11 years. 1 on the Alternative Albums and Rock Albums charts.PHOTOS: 7 Music to Movie Directors: Michael Bay, David Fincher, Spike Jonze This is Anderson's fifth time directing a music video for Apple, who was at one time romantically involved with the Oscar nominee. It received strongly positive reviews despite struggling at the box office.

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