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I’d get called away from class under the guise of an emergency, and it would be her on the phone saying, “You’ve got to come pick me up.

I left my car at the bar last night.” So I was really excited to get that going, this weird kind of taking-care-of-an-adult relationship, while he’s still learning amazing stuff from her, this tortured drama-teacher soul.

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Incor­poré de force dans la Wehr­macht le 12 juin 1943, évadé avant de rejoindre un maquis.

Tué en mission au cours du mois d’août 1944 après avoir passé les lignes enne­mies dans le secteur de Flers (Orne).

I always liked the idea that eventually Daniel would probably end up in jail. I always liked the idea of: you go away for the summer and you come back and everybody’s kind of in a different place.

[] We were kind of, you know, taking him in this different direction. But it’s hard to say with him; I think he had too many things pulling him in different directions.

That was another burning desire of mine, because when we were in high school there’d always be a girl or two who were pregnant, and it was so mind blowing.

I thought it would be interesting with Daniel kind of around, and it’s not his, and it’s weird—and would he step up, since she doesn’t really know who the dad is, or isn’t really in contact with him?

Because Martin is quite athletic in real life, and we were like, “Oh, let’s maybe play that out for him.” He works out a lot, Martin does, and at the beginning of the show he would come in with these giant biceps—we had to make him stop doing that.

Daniel Desario (James Franco)Daniel’s such a drifter.

That bummed me out the most, not getting to play that story out.

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