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Van Pelt is a former special agent in the fictionalized California Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

She is currently a private investigator running a private investigation agency with her husband Wayne Rigsby. She tends to be overly sensitive at times, but is very intelligent.

It starts in season 2, A recurring subplot is Rigsby's infatuation with Van Pelt.

Van Pelt works with Rigsby and Cho most of the time, but occasionally works with Jane or Lisbon.

She is the rookie of the team, having started her job in the Pilot episode.

Later, when questioned by Rigsby, Van Pelt quickly claims "That just came out.

I don't have a sister", abruptly looking away and changing the subject – leading the audience to believe she did in fact have a sister or a family member who committed suicide and merely did not wish to discuss the matter.

He poured Lisbon's wine into his glass and carried it through to the living room where he turned on the television just so he didn't have to sit in silence. She pulled into the parking lot and saw his trough of a home, his air-stream. She saw him sat at a table with a mug placed in front of both chairs. "Hi." She took her seat and immediately went for the comfort of cradling the mug.

There wasn't even an inkling of interest in what the show was about, he just didn't like the silence swallowing his thoughts. .." She didn't know what she was doing, this was all rather out of character for her. "Thanks," she said, referring to the cup of coffee. From your expression, I'm guessing you're going to need all the help you can get with actually having some sleep tonight.

There's an undeniable connection that's as intriguing as it is irritating.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction With Lisbon having a relationship with Marcus Pike, Jane is feeling replaced and it's when a sudden proposition comes hurtling toward Teresa that Jane finally voices his thoughts and tells her that he needs her... "Listen..." He said, studying her bewildered features. "Let me show you out." They both remained in this odd characterization until he had closed the door, with her on the other side. .." She knew he didn't drink coffee and most places were shut at this time, but she knew that he'd understand what it meant. " He would normally resort to humour and joking, but he had a strong hunch that this was not the time. "I'll see you there." She hung up before he had chance to ask any questions. Most days, when he was causing trouble she'd do pretty much anything to have him swapped for an obeying Labrador or something that she could pet.

As they walk out of Hightower's office, they state they love each other.

Rigsby, after being in a shootout, tells Van Pelt he will get another job for them to be together.

In the second episode, "Red Hair and Silver Tape", she is used by Jane for bait due to a killer who is killing red-haired people, leading to her being in an uncomfortable situation with a suspect (although it is ultimately a different woman who is kidnapped by the killers, and saved by Lisbon).

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