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If you're a "Parenthood" fan, you know the Braverman clan is the most tight-knit family on TV -- they laugh, they cry, they solve each others problems.

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"They don't promo the show, you don't see anything about it out there. "I don't understand whatever the agenda is behind the scenes. Having been around as long as I have and been on a couple of shows -- one of which I ran -- it doesn't make sense to me." Potter's Perfect Performance One thing everyone can agree on is that Monica Potter delivered next-level work all season long as her character, Kristina, battled breast cancer.

It's like this hidden gem, but why are they ashamed of it? "She's a magical actress," Jaeger, who directed one of Potter's most emotional episodes this season, told me. "She's able to surprise and in that moment of surprise there's such awe and wonder, it creates its own magic.

"I love working with Matt, I would love nothing more than to work with him all next season too.

I think that would be a great next step for Amber because it would bring her back into the family.

RELATED: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Have Attended Couples Therapy Since the Very Beginning of Their Relationship The entire cast of the NBC series has been incredibly busy since the show ended and are working on exciting things for the future.

Click through the gallery to see what everyone's been up to.I also think Sarah's at a point where she needs to look within. "For her part, Potter is happy to keep exploring that storyline now that she's emotionally recovered from telling it the first time.One of the things I think we tend to do well is tell these real stories in real time, and I want to see what happens with Kristina because even when you get good news, it affects you forever. "It took me a long time to get out of that headspace," she tells me.'" Season Five is Alive With NBC's new shows failing to inspire any enthusiasm or generate solid ratings, the odds of a renewal seem good, so I asked Katims what storylines he'd be interested in exploring further next year."I'm interested to see what happens with Ryan and Amber.Even if it's just a moment, you never, ever forget it.

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