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Singapore’s an extremely safe place to live in, but it won’t hurt to take up a martial arts class for self-defence, y’know?

Also, with Singaporean athletes like Angela Lee putting Singaporean MMA on the map, martial arts classes and Muay Thai classes have become more appealing in the past couple of years too.

You wanna chill out with a tipple, but you’d also like to do so in the privacy of a secret hideout?

Stay away from the usual suspects, and stealthily skedaddle your way to these hidden bars and speakeasies in Singapore instead. Unlike speakeasies, these bars don’t shy away from making loud statements.

With these themed restaurants in Singapore, it’s more than just the gourmet food they serve; the ambience they churn out is perfect for dinner parties or entertaining the young’uns.

In case you haven’t realised by now, we’re obsessed with brunch.

With farmer’s markets and artisinal grocers popping up everywhere in Singapore, you can now get organic produce and rare imports, while digging into delectable menu offerings – all under one roof. If you’ve dreamt of becoming the masterchef of your kitchen, book a sesh or two with Palate Sensations, one of the most established cooking schools in Singapore with over a decade of experience. While there are countless ways to get fit in Singapore, few combine fitness and play as seamlessly as archery.

Brandished with a 2,000sqft open kitchen, up to 75 participants can cook up a storm in one session – perfect for team bonding sessions. Whether you’re a complete rookie or an elf in your past life, these archery clubs in Singapore will teach you how to wield a bow and arrow in style.

Well, here’s your chance to show your detractors that knowledge is power (as is free beer) at these challenging trivia nights and quizzes you can find at these pubs in Singapore.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and we’ve got just the prescription for you right here. Most of you will be familiar with Old Changi Hospital, but what about Neo Tiew Estate, or the Old Seletar Airbase?

The Singapore Flyer offers a decadent four-course meal with personalised butler service and panoramic views of the city, all in the privacy of your own capsule. Do you know off-hand how many bones there are in the human body?

The Jewel Box’s Sky Dining is another option where you can dine in a cable car atop Sentosa Island. Do your friends call you the ‘Encyclopaedia of Useless Knowledge’?

NATIVE on Amoy Street is one of our favourites, offering its notorious cocktail garnished with real ants.

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