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“Eron has coached this mob multiple times, made multiple social media accounts to smear my name publicly, and has stoked the fire of this on many occasions and doesn’t seem to be stopping,” Quinn told the court. As of April, the court had formally charged him with four.

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The thousands of threats, which she continues to receive daily, terrified her.

Tweets such as “Im not only a pedophile, ive raped countless teens, this zoe bitch is my next victim, im coming slut” spoke for themselves. We don’t need cunts like you in this world” preyed on the common knowledge that Quinn struggled with depression; she’d won acclaim for creating an impressionistic video game called .

Gjoni fell for her hard—maybe too hard, given how brief their relationship was.

He began idealizing Quinn as “this perfect ethical thing,” he says, and less as a gifted and flawed woman who battled chronic depression.

Benjamin Hitov, a childhood friend and fellow programmer, told me he once beat Gjoni in the ninja fighter game Born in Albania, Gjoni migrated to Worcester with his family when he was six to escape the Kosovo War.

“Moving here was like a big reset button,” he told me.

Judge Tynes told Quinn he wanted to help, but stumbled to find the right words as he scribbled down the conditions of a restraining order against Gjoni, barring him from ,” Quinn replied. This is where he and Quinn first hung out in person: It’s where his obsession with her began.

He’s come back to the beginning, and he wants me to know that Quinn is a “hypocrite,” a “compulsive liar,” and an “asshole.” Gjoni is a highly cerebral, 25-year-old software developer who was recently fired from Massachusetts General Hospital’s robotics lab.

The first thing Eron Gjoni said after sitting down across from me at Veggie Galaxy in December was that he would probably violate his gag order if he talked to me. He maintains incessant eye contact from behind a tangle of dark, wavy hair. Just ask Zoe Quinn, the object of his unwanted obsession.

Then he talked for the next three hours, and again and again over the next three months. In September 2014, Quinn, 27, appeared in Boston Municipal Court to ask Judge Jonathan Tynes for a restraining order against Gjoni, her ex-boyfriend.

It was one of the few times Gjoni introduced Quinn to his friends.

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