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Annie Crawley specializes in the Underwater Realm as an underwater photographer, filmmaker, field biologist and expert.(Read more about Ocean Annie here.) The cinematography of these videos is spectacular, vibrant, brilliant.

Visit the Parque Calixto Garcia in the centre of Holguin city and get a taste of how locals live.

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More than forty reactors remain shut in Japan in the wake of the 2011 multiple meltdowns and explosions at Fukushima.

In Georgia, America’s two remaining nukes under construction at the Vogtle site are on the precipice.

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You can find your love, even if she or he lives in the other corner of world.A decision on the remaining two, which are in Georgia, will be made in August.But anunending stream of technical failures and soaring costs, as well as plummeting prices for gas, wind, and solar, and a drop in electricity demand, doomed the project.That is the problem we face with Pope Callistus I who died about 222.The only story of his life we have is from someone who hated him and what he stood for, an author identified as Saint Hippolytus, a rival candidate for the chair of Peter.Laissons nous vous donner plus de temps de loisir et moins de stress en prenant en charge vos réparations et rénovations résidentielles.

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