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Now that you’ve been eating like a predator for some time, you are discovering that when you eat like a predator, and play like a predator, And nothing is more important than being able to trust your packmates, so it’s time to cut loose all the leeches, layabouts, whiners, and malcontents—and it’s long past time to start valuing the solid, dependable people whom you can trust.

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(Which Gary Taubes wrote: Good Calories, Bad Calories contains a long history of how the erroneous fat-cholesterol hypothesis took hold of science and government policy—and while I don’t agree that carbohydrates are responsible for making us fat, his debunking remains first-rate.) If you want to understand more of the science behind why I eat the way I do, I recommend Dr. If you have a specific topic you want to look up, try Primal Blueprint 101 at Mark’s Daily Apple. For a giant list of paleo recipe sites, go here (and make sure to click the “order by popularity” or “order alphabetically” buttons).

I’m asked many times how a person can get through the process of picking up the pieces and overcome the scars of an abusive or manipulative relationship once they’ve finally found the courage to end it.

In fact, I’ve been asked several times to consider writing another book, on that topic alone.

It seems that dysfunctional relationship survivors often experience some unique kinds of emotional and mental turmoil. It’s difficult for them to reconcile the way they saw things in the days before their toxic relationship and the way they have come to view things since their painful experience.

Yes, we all need some moral support when we give up potato chips and corn chips.

But wouldn’t you rather have an omelet for breakfast, and then not have to snack at all?

You’ll also find that it’s much easier to go without food now that your body is reaccustomed to burning fat.

In short, you’ll have now that you’re not spending them stuck in food coma, or constantly grazing to keep from going hypoglycemic—which more than makes up for the extra time you’re spending on cooking and buying food.

the psychopaths/sociopaths) are extremely astute and talented when it comes to the “art of the con.” And in their very nature, manipulation tactics are often hard to see until after the fact.

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