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Drew Ludwig and Janelle Tufts met in graduate school eight years ago using online dating sites linked to their two favorite websites—for Tufts,, and for Ludwig, The Onion. Can you honestly say that you have not or don’t know anybody who’s encountered creeps and liars with conventional dating? You’ve already admitted it to yourself—and others—so there is no shame in admitting it to others who feel the same way.

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But then he started talking, and she recognized this was the same guy she’d been so attracted to online; they had a great time.

When you already know somebody, you’ll view him differently than if you’d just spotted him across the bar. One more word about romance: Love comes from what you feel about each other when you speak, listen, spend time together, touch, kiss.

And when the chemistry is evident, those feelings are every bit as magical as what you read in romance novels—no matter where you’ve met.

THE REAL DEAL: ONLINE SUCCESS STORIES “Hi, “Good geography, a love of family, a good Mom, a faith in God....

Except the Internet Bar has some pretty huge advantages over the brick-and-mortar scene: • More opportunity = less desperation.

When you consider the nights you’ve spent in bars hoping to talk to this person or that, then hoping this person or that would ask for your number, it seems like a ridiculous amount of work for so little yield.

’ I later learned that Jim gave a similar assessment to his friend, Mike.

“By the way, I actually am allergic to cats, rather I was allergic to cats until I married Jim a couple of years later and his three cats became mine, too!

It’s been seven years since our first date, and over four years since our wedding, and the chemistry is still just right!

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