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If dating, wouldn’t you rule out potential candidates if the criteria were only about income level, perks and benefits instead of values, beliefs, and other compatibility factors?

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Studies reveal that about 30% of new job hires exit a job within the first few months leaving both the employee and employer feeling frustrated.

Analyzing a job offer can bear a strong resemblance to looking for a marriage partner. potential mate) and ‘candidate’ present themselves as attractively as possible, revealing few negative characteristics.

Have you established your preferred job title, and, defined the job responsibilities on a day to day basis?

Similar to dating, achieving a satisfying marriage requires well-suited factors. Will the employer think your skills match the job title and the responsibilities?

Employers can smell the candidates who are looking only for a paycheck, similar to desperation when seeking companionship.

You must identify what skills you most prefer using, how these fit the job description and benefit the company to land an interview and the job.

Compromises are often made when deciding whether to accept a job offer.

The question is, “is it good enough or right for now?

Online job applications and online dating candidates are similar because both screen for suitability and a decision is made whether or not to meet and interview further.

If asked a question about what a person looks for in a job or relationship, the list may be straightforward.

” Accepting a job offer is not a lifetime co11mmitment even if you desire it. But, don’t accept the wrong opportunity because you fear it is the only job offer (or date) you will ever get.

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