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It’s meant that I’ve had to actually attempt to meet people. I’ve had two pretty decent dates but honestly connecting with someone online and connecting with someone in the real world are two different things. Well I decided to go on First Dates Ireland as a background dater. The guy I was matched with was lovely but he had been signed up by a friend without his knowledge.

Gary said she asked him ‘to do stuff’ to himself on camera.

“I was kind of reluctant, I was just like ‘naw, I’m not into this fuss at all’,” he said.

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I don’t think it’ll discourage me from trying to find the “one” or in real terms, someone who is actually willing to date me. Please forward all dating applications to my Twitter or Snapchat!

Our Cork office is located at No 11 South Mall, a prime location within the business district of the city.

“She came across as the soundest girl I met in a very long time,” Gary said.

There was no further contact between the pair until last week, when she contacted him via video call.

“It reminded me of American Pie, that’s why I was laughing through most of it,” he said. She could be doing it right now to someone else,” he said.

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