Officer updating orb procedures

Resolves questions applicable to policies and regulations and determine if case should be resolved by higher authority.

Researches and provides explanation and interpretation of rules, regulations, procedures and requirements pertaining to action taken or recommended.

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Maintains an electronic log of all NCOERs prepared and forwarded to the rater.

Coordinates and maintains a quarterly OER rating scheme, enter data in automated systems as needed. OFFICER PROMOTIONS: Responsible for operation of the Army's decentralized officer promotion system (CPT and above).

Maintains suspense roster, initiate, process and final review NCOERs and ensures suspense is met for NCOERs in a time consistent with MEDDAC policies.

Returns incorrect NCOERs to rater/senior rater for correction as necessary, provides alternate guidance in cases within the intent and spirit of the regulations.

Provides authoritative guidance regarding questions on procedures and ways in which derogatory information should be treated.

Maintains suspense roster, initiate, process and final review OERs and ensures suspense is met for OERs in a time consistent with MEDDAC policies.Incumbent works in the Human Resources Division of Moncrief Army Community Hospital and is responsible for providing technical assistance to customers or directing them to appropriate area for assistance.1.OFFICER EVALUATION REPORTS: Responsible for maintaining control over Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs) in accordance with established regulations and published guidance.Especially if you did it just as another of her was sitting down.She might think that her sat on a balloon that popped, or even for a split second think she sat on a tack or something.I have to show her in multiple places with different backgrounds and usually different people around her, so it’s hard to fit in alongside Sydney’s usual antics, but the next “book” will probably have mini-storylines like “Harem’s Day” or “Peggy’s Day” where I can spend a few pages focusing on some of the other characters. but it might take her a second to figure out which one of her actually got spanked.

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