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While some of us over at Save cannot be classified as “experts” in the love department, rest assured that we are well trained in the money saving area, and our tips are here for the rescue!

Here are 6 fun dating ideas that you could try out for less than RM60: 1.

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If you have a kite hidden in your storage at home, bring it along and have a great time together! Karaoke at noon (Minimum Spend: RM6 – RM20 Per head / Romantic Level: 3/5) Lovers, belt out your adoration for one another with timeless tunes of The Beatles, Westlife, or even Psy!

Karaoke is indeed a fun way for you to show off your singing chops (or lack of it), and the budget will make your bank account dancing with glee as well.

Why we love it: This non-traditional date will get you falling in love with you city all over again, and probably increase your chances with that special someone as well. Then go right ahead and woo that special someone, oh lovebird!

While we know there are other ideas out there (do feel free to suggest some of your personal favourites!

Then what on earth can you do that’s a sure-fire way to wow thy loved one without doing more damage to your already dwindling bank account?

It should be a no-holding-back kind of attitude when you want to win your sugarpie honeybun’s heart, yes? There really is no need to break the bank account open, since that person should be loving you for who you are and not for how fat your wallet is!For this reason, bazaars earned a spot in our fun dating ideas list!Why we love it: For just RM10, you could stroll around the bazaar and take a peek at miscellaneous items being sold to eager visitors.), you can be sure many people have yet to try at least one from this list!Balkish Rosly is an Investigative Journalist of Save, an online consumer advice portal which aims to help Malaysians save money through smart (and most of the time painless) savings in their daily banking, technology, and lifestyle spending habits.Try out the city bus tour, or maybe take photos of the graffiti on the walls together.

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