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In separate presentations, Shana Dressler and Amanda Judge share practical ways you can help alleviate poverty and improve the lives of underprivileged communities both internationally and locally, even you’re real real lazy or completely entrenched in consumerism. Car accidents be damned; they’re recovered are ready for Nerd Nite. or A/C train to High St.) Wednesday November 11, 2009 Speed Dating at pm (get there at to check in) Regular Nerd Nite at pm for Speed Dating (includes admission to regular Nerd Nite) cover charge for regular Nerd Nite only To The Lecture(s) At-Hand: *Presentation #1 by Shana Dressler Description: So your celebrity status hasn’t been secured and you haven’t made your millions…. For as little as foregoing a haircut, a cocktail, manicure and/or a dinner and movie, this presentation will share the best kept secrets about how to save the world for under 0.And then Julia Galef rounds things out by exploring how our brains fool us into believing in things that aren’t real, even though the majority of humans believe in demons, witches, ESP, astrology, telekinesis, dowsing rods, homeopathy, alien abductions, and spirit planes (and true love, aw snap! The journey will begin in Africa and take you far beyond.

We’ll tell you about the incredible women and men and their brilliant alternative thinking in the field of humanitarian problem solving.

We’ll give you 25 ways to get in on the giving game….again, at bargain basement prices.

Dearest Nerds & Friends of Nerds, First, back by popular demand, I give thee another dose of hetero Nerd Nite speed dating!

Yes, 25 gals and 25 fellas united by 3-minute coversations.

After traveling and working on and off 4 years after college, she decided to go back to school in order to find a way to actually get paid for aimlessly traveling the world.

This led her to start up The Andean Collection ( a organization that designs & imports jewelry from disadvantaged communities in Latin America.

: Demons, witches, ESP, astrology, telekinesis, dowsing rods, homeopathy, alien abductions, or spirit planes?

If you said ‘none of the above,’ you’re in the minority.

Journalist and skeptic Julia Galef explores how our brains fool us into believing in things that aren’t real.

New to NYC, want to find more nerdy things to do in your city or have a comic book-loving, board-gaming friend visiting?

Dating Birmingham Singles Nights Birmingham Speed Dating. Speed-dating gets nerdy - NYC Speed Dating - Apr 15 Nerd Nite NYCs first show in the new year will be Friday January 19, 2018 at Littlefield. Fast cash personal loan different loan wouldnt do at new nerd-in-arms in nyc - most speed dating tips and life saving advice!

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