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Firefox is the browser which offers you a totally FREE better option that blocks popups, is not vulnerable to the code written to infect the Microsoft products and which is open source and supported around the world. It looks like Outlook but has none of the vulnerabilities of the Microsoft products. N4DA - Milton Lord - The Radio Doctor - See Milton for professional Amateur Radio equipment service. Milton has some nice pictures of his handywork too. The Moving Finger writes; and having writ, Moves on; nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it. 71), (Fitz Gerald's translation)Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) - Wash your hands. The sunrise photograph at the top of this page was taken on November 13, 2000 by my wife, Patty, with our Olympus D460 digital camera.The time was approximately 0620 EST and the location was on Roosevelt Highway (Highway 29) North bound just South of the South Fulton Parkway / Spur 14 access ramp.J-B Weld - Not only is J-B Weld a great product, they have customer service, real customer service!

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It is a great performing Mobile screwdriver antenna covering 3 through 30 MHz. K4POZ - Amp projects including a beautiful legal limit pair of GI-7B Russian triodes.

LC Meter - This is an absolutely great piece of test equipment from Almost All Digital Electronics. Technology Systems - A great source for Heathkit parts and information.

Maybe you should check this link for a different view of the peanut man.

K4DPK - Phil Chambley Phil produces a fine VFO stabilizer for your old radio and a PEP wattmeter adapter which will turn almost any wattmeter into a peak reading wattmeter. K4POZ - Ron Wilson - Screwdriver Antenna Ron builds these antennas.

Tried and true design that does work and that you CAN build. Weather station from - Rick, KC4HYM, has one of the WS-2310TWC units and likes it a lot. The sensor's are extremely expensive to replace making it cheaper to just buy another unit... Make taking the test easy by getting the VIS Flash Cards from

- home of the best browser and email engine - Make the move away from the vulnerabilities of the Microsoft products and start using the best browser and email engine. Follow the instructions and you'll have no problems. Then I received a letter in the mail from Fed Ex telling me that the claim was rejected because of insufficient evidence. 2/9/2006 - Today I found a package hidden in the pile of scrap metal in front of my garage that Fed Ex said they had delivered 7 days ago. They say their policy is that their drivers place packages where they think it will be most secure. I gave the shipper the case number and Fed Ex FINALLY accepted the claim. I had carefully repacked it in another DRY box with extra packing material and the old box in a plastic bag.- known as "the disease of kings and the king of diseases" - What is it? When the uric acid levels rise too high in the body it begins to precipitate out as needle like crystals in the joints. There is an old but effective treatment for gout and it is a drug called colchicine.The problem with colchicine is the treatment prescribed by most doctors.Use it for determining the inductance of coils and capacitance of capacitors. Also a great source for some fine free data books and manuals. But the Supreme Court declared it a vegetable in 1893 along with cucumbers, squashes, beans, and peas!

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