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The alarm should have gone off when he refused to meet my parents officially, stating that he wasn’t ready and would prefer to meet the parents the next time he visited.

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We decided to settle in Germany, the education system is better, living standards are better and it was more prestigious to live in “majuu” with my “mzungu” than in Kenya.

I started the moving process, I sold my company, house and car.

Thank God, German windows are wide with no “anti-buglar” wiring like they do in Kenya.

As he took his bath, I snuck out through the window.Took about a whole year to sort out all the sales and get ready for my move.When I was to apply for my visa, I needed the affidavit from him but he had stories about getting it to the migration office and them deciding to send it directly to the Embassy instead of giving it to him to send it to me.I paid for the ticket, packed my bags and flew to Germany ready to be a Diasporan. His apartment was in some ghetto in Berlin, the place was really dirty outside and inside the apartment he housed cats that he didn’t take good care of. The third week after my arrival, someone came over to visit.Wolfgang told me the man was his friend coming to say hi. Wolfgang came back right when the beast was putting on his trousers.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.

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