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t=81613 More info about U-Boot on N900 is in first post.There is an open source flasher application called 0x FFFF, which is working with the Nokia N900.

n900 driver sd needs updating-43

2)Sometimes does not open conversation text --- 3)When I shoot picture with my camera in gallery picture shows up many times(like 10-15 times)in thumbnail view,also in normal view,when i change picture to the next one its again same picture many times.

This page has seen massive edits to get it in line with N900 details of flashing. These descriptions assume that you are using the latest official images.

Those are my issues: 1) In some applications (such as photos,web...) suddenly quit app.

with message internal error application "web or xxx" closed (I flashed my device with e MMS.

p=1478502#post1478502 Instead of booting the kernel directly from NOLO (which restricts you to using exactly one kernel), U-Boot can be used as second bootloader.

The Maemo kernel can be appended to U-Boot to keep the existing Maemo installation working (U-Boot must be located at the location of the Maemo kernel).

Last but not least it will request to close the socket using LS_SOCKET_CLOSE_REQUEST_NTF.

The wireshark plugin mentioned above can also be used to analyse A-GPS sessions (e.g.

(NOTE: it is a good idea to do a new backup of the system immediately prior to any restore - of course you don't overwrite an existing backup file for that, instead give the new backup a new descriptive name, like "system_broken-foobar__prior_to_restore") When flashing the e MMC, all user-created content on My Docs ("N900") must also be backed up manually to an external location in order to be preserved (i.e. You can use Mass-Storage-mode via USB for this, or copy the whole content of My Docs with Filemanager or similar tools.

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