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I want results meaning i want a lovng partner before I die of old age.

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I have treid POF and you get what you pay ofr (it is free and it stinks). I am tired of being home watching TV or seeing happy couples everywhere. So after experimenting with some sites with ads hoping to generate some intital response since i can not e mail unless i join, I am ready to take the plunge again. I am so surprised that so many people use the corporate sites like

So has anyone found any sites that really work for an average guy?

I have heard too many bad things about POF, but what can you expect?

It is a FREE online dating service and offers no customer service.

I am privately owned, so I do not have to satisfy shareholders.

I am passionate about my business and LOVE what I do.

So communication is huge and it's such a challenge already without any language barriers.

So, if there are any kinds of differing languages it's really important for you to understand and think about what impact that will have on your relationship.

If a dating service doesn't have equal numbers of men and women in every age range, then some members are going to be dissatisfied.

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