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shows - 19 in all - were produced by a combined five theatre organizations: Rock Island's Genesius Guild, Eldridge's Countryside Community Theatre, the Clinton Area Showboat Theatre (CAST), Mt.Carroll's Timber Lake Playhouse, and Davenport's newly established Riverbend Theatre Collective.David Ansen, film critic, describes it as “alternately enrapturing and exhausting, brilliant and glib…a "Romeo and Juliet" more for the eyes than the ears” (Newsweek). Sometimes he crafted them as a permeating presence, other times passing rather quickly, but even so still an important representation in the work. Burdened by the tomes housing Joyce criticism, new texts that examine “The Dead” risk sinking into a critical vacuum. Rabinowitz, in the idiom of reader-response criticism, labels this suction “interpretive vertigo,” while ironically adding to its collective pull.[1] The reader experiences Gabriel...

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Bookended by newscastsers reciting Shakespeare's prose as their copy, this clever glam updating of ROMEO AND JULIET is one of the most unusual adaptations of the Bard's work in the history of cinema William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet video.

The stylish and colorful sets earned the film an Oscar nomination for art direction William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet movie. Leo and Claire are great actors and portray the text in a way that anyone could understand. versions of the book, read the script, saw the play, and have seen this version of R&J 20 times.

Eventually, the religious conflict translated into rival racial gangs: the Anglo Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks.

Jet Tony loves Shark sister Maria, and therein lies the story. Arthur Laurents was brought in to write the book, and young Oscar Hammerstein protégé Stephen Sondheim was recruited to write the lyrics.

Though he would never cease striving in both directions, was to be the peak of his musico-theatrical accomplishments.

In 1958 he became the first American-born and trained conductor to be named music director of the New York Philharmonic, and conducting slowly began to take pride of place among the polymath Bernstein’s wide range of musical activities.

(A tritone is a dissonant interval that virtually begs for resolution.) When the show at last made it to Broadway, it was an enormous success….

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The show was so radical in its time that there was some question of its ever getting producers.

After one discouraging audition, Sondheim said the show had “too many tritones” for the average Broadway ear.

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