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The combat is extremely varied in “Monster Hunter: World.” Just as there are many monsters with unique quirks, there are over a dozen weapon types that are equally unique.

Specialty weapons like the gigantic Gunlance (which is a lance and a gun, in one!

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This is also the most accessible “Monster Hunter” to date. The game is extremely content heavy, so it will keep players engaged for a long time after picking it up.

Every encounter and expedition feels like an adventure in itself.

There are many to choose from, so finding one you like may be difficult, and often these weapons are very bulky and slow.

“Monster Hunter: World” also has a substantial learning curve.

Things like this make the game stand out amongst its competitors. The game is difficult, and monsters take a significant time to kill; an inexperienced player might spend 30 minutes or more fighting the same monster.

Equally difficult is getting a handle on certain weapons.

“Monster Hunter: World” is the best game of 2018 so far, and it very well may remain so – that’s how good this game is.

If the niche series ever piqued your interest, now is the time to jump in.

If “Monster Hunter: World” is an indicator of how games will be in 2018, it will be an incredible year.

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Along with the hunter, a player can create a Palico, which is a small, anthropomorphic cat that is adorable and acts as your companion and helper throughout the game.

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