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Her plan, an attempt to dupe her ex-fiancé, who dumped her a couple years prior, proves to be her undoing.Beth is a young, ambitious New Yorker who is completely unlucky in love.When her father backs out of his promise, Anna flies into a temper and goes on the run with Ben Calder, a handsome photographer she runs into outside of the music club.

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It seems like their seeing each other but not officially going out yet.

Video of Amanda Bynes and Alexis Bledel working together on a photoshoot.

Amanda is believed to have taken a turn for the worse after she moved out of her parents Rick and Lynn Bynes' home in Thousands Oaks, California, as soon as her conservatorship ended earlier this month. '*Tells In Touch magazine she has 'no clue' why people say she's insane.

For the past year Lynn and Rick Bynes have been taking care of their troubled daughter by opening the doors of their Thousand Oaks, California home and overseeing her medication after the star experienced a string of run-ins with the law.'We don't know,' a gaunt-looking Rick told the site, also noting he learned of her second DUI arrest on Sunday from the media. Please respect my privacy.'*Insists that photographs showing her walking around New York City with cheek piercings and a pink wig are of someone pretending to be her. 'Every time I’ve heard it, it came from an ugly person’s mouth, so I don’t care,' she says, adding she is 'allergic to alcohol' and 'can’t wait to start working on an album.'*In a seemingly unprovoked attack, she tweets Rihanna: 'Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough.

Romance blossoms between the wild, sassy Anna and the cool, distant Ben as they backpack through Europe.

Problem is, when it is time to go back and Anna finds out about Ben, ... It is, however, light and fun fare, particularly for teenagers.This was the same night that Lindsay Lohan was also in the bar and allegedly got into a fight with a woman who has filed a police report.For those of you not from Los Angeles and wondering why on earth Lindsay would ever leave her home at Chateau Marmont, the two places are within walking distance of each other although Lindsay would probably roll that dice when it comes to driving back and forth.Matthew Goode in his breakout performance is far more charming, showing off a relaxed, witty presence that make his character well worth watching (and if his performance isn't enough, his looks should be! The sub-love-story of Moore's two bodyguards, Weiss and Morales, is also funny and at times more interesting than the lead characters themselves. All in all, it's a cute and entertaining film and at times is outright funny.Worth watching and even buying, for times when you're not in mood for heavy drama! " "Actually, it's the Vltava." "Who says they want to swim naked in the Vltava?The bad news is that Amanda Bynes now seems to be banned from the bar at The Standard.

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