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Aside from construction, the types of headpieces found on these razors also distinguish them from each other.The common types of headpieces include: • Straight bar design– It’s the most popular and consists of a straight safety bar.The safety razor falls between today’s common manual cartridge razors and the barber’s straight razor.

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On cleaning and maintenance, the three-piece type also stands out as the most convenient. In addition, due to the fewer movable parts, these razors have the potential to last a lifetime.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to be extra careful when assembling or disassembling it and also during alignment.

The differences between this razor and the others are basically comfort, steadiness and feel. Comfort Even though most people want to go the modern way, those that have chosen this traditional way of shaving have recommended it to be economical and easy to use. Time Management If you are the type of person who values time then it is time you put aside those expensive cartridges and embrace a double edged razor this is because results have shown that it is indeed very fast to use. Less Maintenance Due to the ability to change blades it is very easy to clean it unlike the fixed type’s razors. Quality Compared to a multi-blade the edges of a double edge razor are sharper this means giving you quality results. Environmentally Friendly The fact that it is made of just metal automatically qualifies it fit for the environment. Interchangeable You can simply put the blades of a double edged razors to their similar others this acts as a bonus to the many advantages it already has.

Although DE safety razors are considered traditional, their use has generally increased this call to show that it offers good service. Cost Effective Although it may seem expensive to buy a double edged razor it is very affordable in the long run bearing in mind that the only thing you will require to buy are the blades which are actually low-priced than cartridges blades. Balance This razor maintains a constant viewpoint while shaving due to its use of pivot, this makes it the best because it becomes easier and quicker to use. The benefits of using a double edge razor are unlimited, so this is ultimately the best choice for the men who are longing to look well-presented without having to shift from one barber shop to the other.

The first safety razors were developed as a solution to the riskier straight razor, by King C. In order to protect from accidental cuts, the safety razor has its blade mostly hidden and housed in the razor’s head.

The only section of the blade exposed in a safety razor is that meant to cut the whiskers.

These iron tools were shaped like small hatchets, but were eventually modified to include a pivot, allowing the sharpened blade to remain protected within the handle or “scales.” By the 19th century, razors had evolved from a wedge-shaped blade to a...

A good, sturdy, sharp, yet safe razor makes all the difference between a nice, even, and smooth shave and razor burn or cuts. We will review in this article some of the best safety razors on the market.

This made the safety razor much easier to maneuver and control.

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