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She thinks that it’s going to be okay to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. You’re going to make a bad impression the fact that you didn’t relay this information to her that she needs to be dressed a bit better. I would actually go to the restaurant before and I would look at and see what other people are wearing.

And another thing you could do, do some reconnaissance. Now, unless you’re in a major city like New York, you’re not going to probably run into any restaurants that require a jacket but you can look at the patrons, look at the people that are entering and get a feel for how they dress.

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My first thing is you’ve got to understand what suits you.

You’ve got to understand what your personal style is so look at yourself in the mirror and realize that if you’re dark complected, you have dark hair and maybe you’re a little bit overweight, you’re going want to look thinner and leaner and so this jacket is going to work great. If you have the body of Adonis, you’re a young man, let’s say you’re light complected, you may find that a really nice blue dress shirt without the jacket would be perfectly fine because you’ve got a body which will work with that.

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When I go to Chicago, I hang out with a lot of Bulgarians, Russians, Ukrainians and I find that they dress really nice when they go out on the weekends so look around. Are you going to a place that they dress a little bit more upscale? The last thing I’ll hit on is listen but don’t be guided what other people say.

Understand what makes you look good and go with it.

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