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He has taken the tip and has left the half-franc." "Ah! I wandered around the town, and endeavoured vainly to picture it, enclosed by walls and drums of towers, when on April 29th, 1429, Jeanne threw herself into the town and forced the English to retire, discomfited and perplexed.In the evening I revisited the caf and made my wants known as before.

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" "He never takes payment for anything that has been consumed. I found Alphonse with a duster wiping down the tables.

He takes only the tips." "But why do you permit him to do that? I invited him to a table and made him sit down opposite me.

"The Bold Venture" appeared in The Graphic; "The 9.30 Up-train" as long ago as 1853 in Once a Week. At the time it was my purpose to write a life of Joan of Arc, and I considered it advisable to visit the scenes of her exploits, so as to be able to give to my narrative some local colour.

But I did not find Orlans answer to my expectations.

Now in some of these establishments the attendants are wont to have a box, into which they drop all the tips that are received; and at the end of the week it is opened, and the sum found in it is divided pro rata among the waiters, the head waiter receiving a larger portion than the others.

This is not customary in all such places of refreshment, but it is in some, and it was so in this caf." exclaimed the garon; "Jean Bouchon has been at his tricks again." I said nothing further; asked no questions.The matter did not concern me, or indeed interest me in the smallest degree; and I left. I cannot say that I lighted on any unpublished documents that might serve my purpose.I had to go through the controversial literature relative to whether Jeanne d'Arc was burnt or not, for it has been maintained that a person of the same name, and also of Arques, died a natural death some time later, and who postured as the original warrior-maid.I read a good many monographs on the Pucelle, of various values; some real contributions to history, others mere second-hand cookings-up of well-known and often-used material. In the evening, after dinner, I went back to the same caf and called for black coffee with a nip of brandy.I drank it leisurely, and then retreated to the desk where I could write some letters.

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