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The Treo 600 is the first phone/PDA combo that is even remotely interesting.

Palm OS 6 sounds interesting, especially when paired with 2GB removable storage media.

Although the biggest and best known city is New York City, the capital is actually Washington, DC.

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The marks and logos for wizkids, dice masters, quarriors, dice building game, heroclix, and combat dial are trademarks of wizkids.

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As of March 2004 there's a blog related to this page, it's dedicated to helping PDA orphans left behind by Palm and Microsoft as they chase other game.

The Palm III, made in the USA, was a groundbreaking devices.

It is working with a Micron Trans Port ZX PIII running Win2K SP2 with Hot Sync Manager 4.0 and Palm OS 3.5.3.

This laptop was configured with COM2 disabled, I had to enable COM2 in the BIOS (auto) and restart.

Berry's Creek's colorful history includes use as a 20th-century commerce route, Prohibition-era bootlegging and a drainage ditch during the industrial boom up into the 1970s, with the latter sealing the creek's murky fate as mercury and other toxins A boat ride or canoe paddle along Berry's Creek reveals the majestic beauty of the wetlands, and few find it hard to believe the level of contamination that lurks below.“I used to joke that there’s so much mercury that you can see it move.

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