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The Degree of Honor Building at 321 Cedar has, aside from one of the best names of any building downtown, my favorite cornerstone.

It commemorates the year 1961, when the 10-story building displaced the grand old Globe Building. Paul’s answer to the famed (and also destroyed) Metropolitan Building in downtown Minneapolis.

The Globe, the newspaper for which the building was named, was one of the Pioneer Press’ early St. Look how perfectly symmetrical and palindromic it is, the same backwards as it is forwards, upside down as it is right-side up.

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Married dating in lauderdale minnesota

Maybe isn't quite the word, but I am talking about little assertions.

That’s why one of my favorite things to look for when walking around a city is the cornerstones on buildings, or foundation stones, or dedication stones, or whatever you want to call them.

Walking through a city, you’re surrounded on all sides by little boasts on the part of the people who've made up the city.

Not just in window advertisements or historic markers, proclaiming something to be the oldest, or best, or cheapest, or tastiest, but in other visual elements that tell a story about how or when whatever you’re seeing came to be.

Peter – most famous in the past decade or so for not quite being open but not quite being closed – is the oldest continually standing commercial building in St. Probably not in 1858, either – it looks like the work of a sign painter several decades later, but it’s hard to tell.

Next door, “1888” is painted up at the top in a similar style.

Whoever chiseled that “1961” into the black marble face of the building was ready for the future. (In fact, here he is.) It’s also easy to imagine LBJ strutting into that office unannounced, belching and adjusting his crotch, and demanding, “Lawson, what in the hail’s the deal with that Courthouse Buildin’ in dahn-tahn Saint Paul? I’m sure LBJ had better things to do in 1966 then micromanage federal building projects in St. Underneath it reads, “Renovated 2008.” It’s hard to tell if that addendum was made in 2008, or if it’s an entirely new cornerstone fabricated to look like 1966.

In fact, the cornerstones you find after that time tend mostly to reflect the past, not the present.

Wetmore might have agreed: a temporary apppointee, Wetmore ended up serving in the position for almost two decades.

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