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When my only regular TV show, SKY Arts, The Book Show, was shelved shortly afterwards it felt like I really had hit a life low.

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Instead for many of my generation, beaten down by cultural forces, retired by a society that renders them invisible, disparaged by workplaces that no longer value their contribution, it can feel like beginning of redundancy.

Personally I’ve tried not to be preoccupied with ageing.

I recently watched Claire Enders, founder of the latter deliver a compelling talk to the Bertelsmann group on why this demographic couldn’t be ignored.

Her revolutionary findings were followed by three days of discussion on how to attract teenagers!

When I was ten years younger than Sir Mick, at 21 and working for a record company, I set my retirement date for my company pension at 55.

It was inconceivable to me that I’d still be standing, let alone working at such an advanced age.

The over fifties now own a remarkable 80% of the UK’s wealth yet only have 4% of the UK’s advertising spend directed at them.

If that’s not irresponsible business policy I’m not sure what is.

Luckily Saga never fell through my letterbox, welcoming me to a new world of soft food, group trips to heritage sites and Florida cruises but in fairness, they’re not the only ones peddling a prehistoric vision of middle age.

Once privy to an avalanche of notices of designer sales and new restaurant openings the only unsolicited advertising I was now attracting was for constipation or retirement funding.

On film I fared better with iconic movie stars like George Clooney and Julianne Moore, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Sandra Bullock all turning fifty during the same period and offering the possibility that a tweed twinset and sensible shoes weren’t the only future for my accessorising.

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