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So still some unanswered questions but now there is actual visual proof of some sort.

It is heavy because the links are tinned (biakuro-nagashi) and these are also sharp edged because they are punched out of iron plate." Hi Dan, I don't mean to butt in on this thread but I have a few concerns about this article, which overall was excellent.

From what line should there be formulas to automate the current stock?

where does the initial stock of your product come from?

Well I think the best option is trying to talk to the user to pay attention every time he run this UBE ....

We make first a Document according to APQP rules, keep a record of a preproduction sheet to record parameters , resin cycle, etc..

But in this case you will not get the data selection of your UBE.

Hi Unfortunately I can not validate from DD as a trigger, since the columns are those that are used for user purpose URDT, URAB, URRF ....

Convert actual press parameters to plastic parameters.

You'll need intensification ratios to calculate proper pressures for new press.

make a meeting with involve departments to announce this project.

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