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You couldnt help but call because your heart was crushed and you thought maybe if you talked it out the person who crushed your heart would change his/her mind and uncrush it.The same thing, I realized, just might hold true for a relationship that’s past its prime: It not only fails to fortify you, it can even make you sick. What I had been given had been taken away and now I was even less than before.

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As the pain grew more pervasive and intense, I would feel it climb into my forehead, over the back of my neck, my shoulders, my entire body, even invading my dreams to take a smothering hold of me.

Sometimes, as diagrammed, a star of pain would form, centered on my navel, shooting shafts of acid to my throat, and my mouth, and I feared it would throttle me.

Then lawyers are called in to pick clean the corpses. – Erica Jong, ow to Save Your Own Life ____________________________________________________________________ Somewhere a seed falls to the ground That will become a tree That will someday be felled From which thin shafts will be extracted To be made into arrows To be fitted with warheads One of which, someday when you least expect it, While a winter sun is shining On a river of ice And you feel farthest from self-pity, Will pierce your shit-filled heart. Anna Akhmatova, You Thought I Was That Type ____________________________________________________________________ Im leaving. If you find yourself in love with a person who eats hearts these things you must do.

Michael Fried, Somewhere a Seed ____________________________________________________________________ They amputated your thighs from my hips. You didnt make me suffer so you neednt expect my hatred. Youre not worth anything as precious as a shred of living flesh. Freeze your heart immediately, Let himnext time he examines your chest find your heart cold flinty and unappetizing.

Refrain from kissing lest he in revenge dampen the spark in your soul.

Now, sail away to Africa where holy women await you on the shore long having practiced the art of replacing hearts with God and Song.

Can you remember standing too close to the edge of an Underground platform? A small split in the outer layer of the skin of the fruit appears between your fingers, a few drops of moisture ooze out and the skin of your fingers feels it. It will make your reflection a wobbling photo of grief. I would have left you whole and wholly for the delectation of those who wanted more and cared less.

Not until then do you squeeze really hard, from disappointment or surprise, or in the lack of restraint of awakening, and if it is young fruit and tenderly cared for, the split can nevertheless be very deep without the fruit losing its shape and firmness, and it other cases it breaks and disintegrates forever into sticky, fragrant, utterly uncontrollable dissolution. Christer Kihlman, The Blue Mother A failed marriage is the most humiliating confirmation of the transitory seduction of the flesh. It promises light like the careful undressing of love. Maya Angelou, Prescience ____________________________________________________________________ Since you walked out on me Im getting lovelier by the hour. No one sees how round and sharp my eyes have grown how my carcass looks like a glass urn, how I hold up things in the rags of my hands, the way I can stand through crippled by lust.

Show picture quotes only Mary Jane "Mae" West (August 17, 1893 – November 22, 1980) was an American actress, singer, playwright, screenwriter, and sex symbol whose entertainment career spanned seven decades.

Wikipedia A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

But can you remember how with every mouthful of food it felt like you were biting into your own stomach?

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