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(contains spoilers)Rebelde Way is, in a way, a Chiquititas sequel, as it brings together Cris Morena and her kids, now grown up with colored hair and crazy ideas as to how to make adults go nuts.Camila Bordonaba, Felipe Colombo, Luisana Lopilato and Benjamin Rojas star, along with actors who will make you squeal "Hey, that's ___" when you first watch the show, only this time, instead of being parentless, moneyless and full of optimism, they are somewhat rich, somewhat spoiled and go to Elite Way, your dream boarding school, where they get visits all the time, barely study for exams, skip classes, spend half their time outside and live in rooms the size of your house with wall colors matching their sheets.At first, they pretend to be a couple only to get their parents off their backs.

Luisana Lopilato has been the face of the brand underwear whose project made in 2009 for professional reasons.

She has also done numerous commercials in her country, Argentina, Israel and even get to have proposals in Spain for several advertising campaigns that her busy schedule finally could not perform.

until the season finale (100 episodes of aloneness).

Pablo and Marizza are the other (not) couple, and here too we are fooled again and again.

"His sweetness and when he treats me well." Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman? "Friends, joy, and knowing you can get wherever you really want to." Do you like traveling? "The beach, and my grandfather." What makes you angry?

"When people drive me crazy and when I'm told no'." What touches you?They fall for each other, of course, at first sight, where she's dressed in nothing and he goes "wow" to himself.They love to play with us, the writers, as they bring the two together for nearly a week (a week!We get a real relationship between the two, finally, by episode 135, following the Best Kiss Of All Time. As Luisana is the rising star of the show, blonde and hot and blue eyed and oh-so-amazing, Camila is the actress - she will make you cry, laugh, and cheer on her.In season 2 she shines - she cuts her hair on screen, shuts her mother out of her life, discovers the truth about her father and Art teacher and proves to be the finest actress on the show.It will be a Spanish film, the thriller, "Predeterminados", the new director Jordi Arencn, in which she plays Vera, is a very dramatic and a new challenge in her career in film, far of her previous roles as an actress.

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