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Nanaya is a personality test to scientifically predict the future of your love life and report personalized data to help you build romantic and social ties. With every user who tries Nanaya, the algorithm becomes more accurate and additional features will be enabled. Nanaya predicts how, when, and where you’ll find love by asking questions about you, your social life, and what you desire in a partner. Don’t worry, Nanaya will also tell you how to beat the odds.

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Maintenant, nous cherchons à ce que nos membres se connectent avec confiance tant au niveau professionnel qu'amoureux, voire même en matière d'amitié.

Nous incitons les femmes à faire le premier pas et ainsi remettre en question des normes que nous jugeons démodées.

With hundreds of dimensions, no two reports will be the same. Are your odds of finding love better or worse than others? Every place, job, activity group, and cultural has their own mix of people that might be better suited for you. The Nanaya algorithm for romance can handle friendships as well. As we get older, we fall into routines and see the same people.

Beyond a personality test, Nanaya looks into the future to see how your personality will impact life decisions. Nanaya not only tells you but says how you compare to people nearby. The Nanaya algorithm leverages big data to calculate the groups that you are most compatible with and the groups that want someone like you the most. Our algorithm balances your desires with romantic opportunities and estimates your ideal age for settling down. Additional features will be enabled in the future as users join Nanaya. The Nanaya algorithm calculates the new people you meet.

Women will choose who gets to talk to them among quality men who already liked them. We started Coffee Meets Bagel in 2012 because we wanted to inspire singles to feel good about dating again.

Over the last 4 years, we came to realize that men and women have very different styles of dating and that the best dating experience for everyone is offered through a differentiated service for men and women.

Yes, Nanaya is here to predict the future unlike ever before.

Nanaya not only predicts when and where you’ll find romantic matches, but also when you might stumble on true love through mathematically modeling.

Dating has become an endless swipe of photos -- a place for ghosting and being ghosted.

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