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The primary problem for today's young potential buyers is that job security no longer exists and mobility, as regards selling a house and moving to a new job market, has been greatly reduced.In the short term, in our economy, it is best not to be tied down to one place, unless that place is exceptional.This week, I did my best to unpack the end of ownership as a national ambition. 'WE WISH LIKE HELL WE HAD NEVER BOUGHT'I am 32; my wife and I bought our house five years ago.

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On paper, at least, my wife and I are perfect home-owner candidates: Married, taxable income hovering around $100K, parents of 2 children, owners of 2 dogs. How does it factor into your costs now, and in twenty years when retirement and paying for college are no longer distant abstracts?

We both hold master's degrees, she owns her own business, I work a unionized job. "Do not buy a house until you can afford one with all those other considerations factored in."And with stagnating wages, high unemployment, and job mobility -- what if your company picks up shop and tells everyone it's time to move to North Carolina or lose your job? Almost unsellable in the current market, and my neighborhood shows signs of serious distress as vacants accumulate and rentals accumulate. If I had continued to rent and saved the money that has gone into mortgage, taxes, and upkeep, I would have quite a pile of cash.

When we move back, we will have no regular monthly house expense (or city services) to budget for, meaning we will be able to live on much less. Anytime I think about buying a home, I ask myself, "What am I supposed to do with it when I move? My generation wants more freedom to travel, to see and live in new places and to experience new cultures.

In general, buying a home can seem like a rejection of freedom, and anytime one of my friends gets a home, I just can't help but think how restricted they now are, whether that's true or not.

But the fall of home ownership among the young isn't a freak outcome of the Great Recession.

It's a 30-year slump with its origins in the decline of marriage, the rise of female education, and the vicissitudes of the labor market.

My main point being, that for some people, thinking about buying absolutely makes sense, if you think it through enough.

I am 29 and single with no kids and have been a renter since I started working appx. The one point that I would add is that outside of the economic considerations of buying vs.

Additionally, I can't put a price on the value of not having to think about things like lawn care, winterizing, unexpected maintenance costs, remodeling considerations, etc.

Not having to worry about those things gives me a lot more time to enjoy my day.

Maybe the economy will turn around and the equation will become more favorable, but be very mindful before you make that bet.

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